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MARGO MARSHALL is the ultimate drag dance assassin.

An old school glamour girl with a party girl attitude. A cut throat showgirl with a tongue as sharp as her moves. The perfect blend of Marilyn and Anna Nicole, this bombshell will have you stamping in your seats and if you’re lucky screaming in her powder pink silk sheets. Initially training as a professional dancer at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts she burst onto the scene as the runner up of Meth's Not Another Drag Competition  at Her Upstairs and Finalist of Jonny Woo’s Lip Sync 1000. Margo now high kicks across London appearing regularly at Bar Wotever, Cybil’s House and Mariah & Friends along with her own sizzling one woman shows at The Glory. Along with her solo work Margo also features as Sarah ‘Saz’ Harding in hilarious tribute band GALS ALOUD.

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